Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy


The Admissions Policy for CityNorth College of Further Education is intended to establish the basic philosophy underpinning the admission of students to the college.

The college affords an equal welcome to people of all races, backgrounds, genders, beliefs, ages, sexual orientations and those with disabilities and special needs.

Under the terms of the 1930 Vocational Education Act (including all subsequent amending legislation), the Cork ETB is responsible for the management of CityNorth College.

Colleges managed by the Cork ETB aim to provide a comprehensive system of mainstream vocational and adult education, offering lifelong opportunities to all members of the community.

Applications, Place Offers and Admissions to the College are made under the Rules and Regulations of the Cork ETB. The Committee reserves the right to alter, cancel any course or part thereof and the college likewise reserves the right of admission.


Mission Statement

CityNorth College of Further Education aims to provide an environment where all students and staff members can reach their potential in a supportive, welcoming and safe atmosphere.

The College is a co-educational and non-denominational centre of education funded and managed by the Cork ETB to provide a Further Education service to the community of the Northside and beyond.


Enrolment Criteria

Department of Education and Skills (DES) Approval and Minimum Enrolments:

All programmes in CityNorth College are subject to the approval of the Department of Education & Skills and the Cork ETB.

All programmes are offered subject to minimum enrolment numbers being achieved, as defined by the college.

Places on programmes are offered on the basis of the professional judgement of the college authority and where each of the following requirements is met:

  • There is a place available to be offered and the programme is not full. (Applicants may be put on a waiting list where there are more applicants than places on offer.)
  • The applicant completes a satisfactory interview and meets the requirements for the programme as outlined on the college website.
  • Because of previous education, training or experience, the applicant is considered likely to benefit from attendance.
  • Participation by the applicant will contribute positively to the programme and in no way infringe upon the opportunities or rights of other students or staff.
  • A place offer to an applicant whose first language is not English is subject to the applicant successfully undertaking a competency test in the English Language.
  • There are additional DES regulations governing the admission to courses of applicants who are not citizens of the EU.


Programme enrolment is complete only when:

  1. Programme charges are paid in full by the student no later than the commencement date of programme classes, except in a case, which is deemed by the college to be an exceptional circumstance.
  2. All information and supporting documentation requested by the college has been submitted.
  3. The student signs the Student Contracts and agrees to abide by the Code of Behaviour of CityNorth College
  4. Students will not be enrolled after the 30th September, except in a case, which is deemed by the college to be an exceptional circumstance.
  5. (The college will not be responsible for any inability to complete the enrolment process by the above closing date, if all necessary information and supporting documentation have not been provided. The provision of false or inaccurate information by the applicant may render the applicant’s application null and void.)


Refusal of Admission / Right of Appeal

The formation of courses is subject to a minimum enrolment. The Cork ETB and the college reserve the right of admission to any course provided through the Cork ETB and CityNorth College. All appeals against a refusal to admit should be made in writing to the Principal of CityNorth College.

Appeals must be lodged in writing within 5 working days of receipt of the College’s letter specifying;

  • The applicant’s full name, address and telephone number
  • The decision being appealed as well as the grounds on which it is being appealed

The Principal will establish an Appeals Board to consider the appeal. The Board will comprise;

  • The Principal or Deputy Principal
  • A Course Co-ordinator other than the Course Co-ordinator of the course applied for
  • Another member of the teaching staff from the relevant course, but who was not involved in the original decision

The applicant may address the Appeals Board in person. Requests to address the Board must be submitted in writing to the Principal at the time of the appeal.

The Principal will inform the applicant of the decision of the Appeals Board. If the applicant is not happy with the outcome of the appeal, s/he may appeal to the CEO of the Cork ETB.


Relevant Legislation

Education Act 1998 in particular, Section 15 (2) Student Council, Section 27.6

Education (Welfare) Act 2000 (aspect of apply) Section 19, Section 23 (see:

Equal Status Act 2000, Section 4 and Section 7 (2) Section 7 (3) (see: and the VEC (Amendment) Act, 2001